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Review and Discussion: Depression besets adoptive mother

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JAN 22, 2013
Amy Rogers Nazarov (@WordKitchenDC); The Washington Post

How weird to read an article that sums up what is wrong with this "mother"—buyer's remorse, acknowledgment of caretaker status, jealousy over the child now the center of attention—and which then goes on to justify all of this narcissistic behavior as normal, supported by the cranks and quacks of a medical industry designed to only stroke the parents of this class in the right direction? Let's not even mention what the child might be going through that will only manifest itself later in time, when the mother is long gone, or the child's true family and community, forever scarred by his removal. Truly depressing. —Daniel Ibn Zayd

LINK: http://articles.washingtonpost.com/

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